Just plug and play

Ventherm A/S most often provide turn-key installations for our customers. This include a wide range of accessories that provide flexible, safe and efficient working conditions for the operators. Below please find a selection of accessories – please don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiries or prices etc.

Complete dust extraction systems from RUPES, including:

  • a wide selection of turbines
  • terminals with various outlets
  • duct systems
  • complete installation

Equipment for infrared and ultraviolet drying of components:

  • stand-alone equipment for small jobs
  • complete installations for serial production or larger components

Lifts from Herkules, i.e. for:

  • installation in spray booths
  • installation in work-shops

All sorts of filter medias for surface treatment, including:

  • paint-stop filters
  • prefiltration
  • filter cartridges for sandblasting etc.

Spray booths

Our combined spray/drying booths are manufactured for industrial applications and for the automotive industry. The spray/drying booths meet all requirements for priming and finishing as well as for water and solvent based painting.

Spray booths must comply to a wide range of specific regulations including i.e. fire, ATEX, working environment and safety for machinery. Furthermore, when buying a paint facility from Ventherm, you can expect quality and reliability to be on top and the energy consumption to be low.

Spray boxes (open front)

Spray boxes are most suitable for painting of smaller items or items running on a conveyor. The standards require the paint operator to paint only in direction towards the filter – he cannot walk around the item.

Paint mix rooms

Paint mix rooms are used for storage of paint as well as for cleaning and handling of paint equipment.

Special requirements applies in terms of fire protection, ventilation and ATEX zone classification.


Spray booths and paint facilities from Ventherm are designed to consume only a limited amount of energy. Our Energy-Saving-Package contains:
  • up to 85% heat recycling
  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) on all motors
  • high-efficient motors/fans
  • LED lights
  • energy-saving programs


Conveyor solutions

Ventherm A/S also design and produce paint facilities for serial production of both small and large items. Most often these paint facilities are built up around a conveyor system for internal transportation of the items.

PLC control system

All installations from Ventherm include intelligent PLC based control systems.

The user interface is very simple and easy to control, although it provides a lot of valuable information for the user and owner. Furthermore the control systems are provided with online access for Ventherm’s supervisors in case of service etc.

With our latest version of the control panel you are now able to operate and monitor your paint facility from your smartphone.