Operator protection – PPE

Complete protection, complete comfort

The first priority is operator safety. Clemco CE-approved accessories protect the blast operator from excessive heat, cold, dust and noise; all irritants and safety risks are addressed. Protection in tandem with comfort is the focus of Clemco safety products, and when Clemco equipment is used with the proper accessories, the blaster can safely and comfortably concentrate on his work, achieving the highest level of productivity.

Protective equipment

Comprehensive protection system for total safety

Abrasive blasting carries with it a risk of injury. Reliable safety equipment is therefore indispensable. Clemco has developed one of the highest-quality protective systems available to provide comfortable conditions in the blast environment and total safety for the operator.

The blast suit

Complete protection in any blast environment

Clemco‘s CE-approved blast suits are proof positive that protection and comfort are not mutually exclusive in blasting. Many details of the blast suit are incorporated for greater safety, without compromising mobility, breathability and basic comfort. The classic Clemco blast suit is made of durable, soft cotton, equipped with high-quality leather inserts. These inserts are concealed in the stitching of the suit at key impact points on the torso and limbs to protect against abrasive rebound. User-friendly fasteners and velcro strips guard against the entry of dust and contaminants

The blast helmet

Total protection for any blast environment

Clemco blast helmets comply with all international requirements and are CE-approved and certified. Another CE-approved feature is the nylon or leather cape attachment, which protects the upper body against rebounding abrasive. Fresh air is supplied via a CE-approved breathing hose. A chinstrap keeps the helmet level with the eyes and maintains position regardless of movement. The multiple safety lenses, scratchproof and highly durable, are fixed in layers within the lens frame and can be easily replaced.

Apollo 600

The perfect choice for regular blasting

With the Apollo 600, Clemco has produced the newest generation of operator protective helmets. Utilizing tried-and-true features from past generations of Clemco blast helmets, every last detail of the new Apollo has been refined to present the final word in operator comfort and protection. The Apollo 600 combines increased safety and protection with enhanced comfort, easy functionality and a longer lifetime.

Equipped with a unique 3-lens system to prevent any dust ingress, the helmet frame’s wide dimensions provide unrestricted operator visibility. The air ventilation system, equipped with a flow connector and CE-approved warning device, distributes fresh air over the operator‘s head, and notifies the operator in the event of CO content in the air or a lowering of air volume. The helmet is offered in a safety-conscious shade of bright red.

The flexible size adjustment options of the helmet, combined with replaceable, washable inner material, ensures the perfect fit for any operator. The optional DLX insert is available to provide additional padding for a heightened degree of comfort and acoustic protection.

CPF air filter

Clean air for safe blasting

The filter cartridge cleans oil, water, dust and other heavy contaminants from the compressed air supply through different stages of filter media. These stages, comprised of different levels of activated alumina and charcoal, filter incoming air to a quality superior to the standard set internationally.

The easy-to-handle CPF air filter can be deployed for mobile or stationary use and can filter air for up to four operators simultaneously. Painted safety orange, the cartridge is clearly visible on a work site.

Carbon monoxide sensor

Immediate warning for operator protection

The CMS carbon monoxide alarm monitors air quality and triggers an immediate alarm if the concentration of CO in the air rises above the designated limit. A loud auditory signal plus a red visual light warn the operator immediately. Designed for regular, daily use, the sensor is contained in a highly durable plastic housing for a long lifetime. Sensor life, under normal conditions, will last up to 5 years.

Comfort devices

Controlled temperature in all climates

Incoming air, heated by compression, can be cooled up to 16°C by a Clemco air conditioning unit, keeping the operator comfortable hot climates. The Clemco air conditioner is an indispensable safety accessory, particularly in enclosed blast environments and warmer weather.

Through proprietary technology, the air conditioning unit continuously regulates the temperature of incoming air so that the operator has a consistent level of comfort. The unit can be adjusted to either cool or heat the incoming air in order to provide maximum comfort regardless of ambient temperature. These controls have been CE-certified, NIOSH approved and fulfill worldwide safety requirements.

Communications system

Added safety for beginners and professionals

The communication system for the blast helmet ensures that operators consistently stay in close vocal contact on the job site, even over long distances. A sturdy polycarbonate housing protects the lightweight FM transmitter against dust, heat and moisture. Working on long-lasting rechargeable batteries, the combined microphone/headphone sets fit into all Clemco helmets and are easy to operate with or without gloves.

Properly equipped with a blast suit, helmet, and accessories, a blast operator is kept safe, comfortable and productive on the job every day.